Relaxxed Skateboards Is a garage Started idea since child hood. Established to the Public  in 2001.Relaxxed has been supporting local kids from day one. Making kids smile . Skateboarding   has always been a trend that everyone wants a part of , : it’s cool “it’s hip” : Old or young, boy or girl ,  we can relate when we are on our boards . “It is simply a lifestyle”.

A good maple deck, real paint graphics  and a solid sealed glued pressed deck with our secret recipe . All skateboard decks have a special bubble coating bottom for slides And extra durability for some serious pop . Hand made from start to finish in Longbeach California.

We are here to support the lifestyle of Skateboarders , Surfers, Artist , Musicians , or any other human that believes in happiness . Living your every moment and just doing what makes you who you are. So take a chance in life and shred hard ,and follow your dreams ,  grab a Relaxxed Skateboard and just Keep on Rollin …